Barcelona, among the 15 top reputable cities in the world

The results of the City Rep Trak report by the Reputation Institute placed Barcelona in 14th place in terms of the world’s best city reputations in 2016 from a list of 55 cities with the largest population, GDPs and that are most familiar, based on a survey of 23,000 online respondents from influential countries in the world (G8).

The ranking was headed by Sydney, Vienna, Zurich, Toronto and Stockholm, with Barcelona above cities like Madrid, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Tokyo. Despite dropping positions compared to 2015, Barcelona improved its overall score obtaining 77.2 points out of 100, a result similar to that of Melbourne.

In 2016, respondents rated cities on their attractiveness, the environment, effective government and advanced economy as the basis of a good reputation, which generates and facilitates tourism, foreign investment, knowledge and talent attraction.

In the 2015 ranking, Barcelona obtained 6th place overall, but stood out for its third place for livability, which was evaluated by its culture, lifestyle and the beauty of the city, and it was seventh top for being the most recommended for a visit and tenth for organizing conferences.