Barcelona is the third top city in the world in number of congresses organized and delegates

In 2015, Barcelona was in the third top ranked city in the world in terms of number of international congresses organized and number of delegates, rising two places compared to the previous year, according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

Barcelona organized 180 international congresses in 2015, coming behind Berlin and Paris, but this year jumping ahead of Madrid and Vienna. Meanwhile, the number of delegates at international conferences stood at 108,961 people in 2015, only topped by Vienna and London. All three cities, along with Berlin, exceeded the 100,000-delegate mark. Importantly, the ICCA ranking is made from registered conferences which have a minimum of 50 delegates and, in addition, it only includes events that have a minimum rotation between at least three countries, so it does not include, for example, the Mobile World Congress, which has its venue fixed in Barcelona and yet brings together more than 80,000 participants.

Considering a broader analysis period between 2004 and 2013, Barcelona is also the world’s third top city in number of international congresses with 1,859 meetings, ahead of Berlin and Madrid and behind only Paris and Vienna.