Barcelona's entrepreneurial rate is higher than those of Spain, Italy and Germany

According to data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in 2015, the rate of entrepreneurial activity (TEA) of the resident population in the Barcelona area is 6.1% and in Catalonia 6.4%, so both have fallen 1.2 and 1.1 percentage points respectively compared with to the previous year.

In 2015, Barcelona and Catalonia’s TEAs exceeded those of countries like Norway (5.7%), Italy (4.9%) and Germany (4.7%), while Catalonia was the fifth region with the highest entrepreneurial activity rate –above the Spanish average (5.7%)–. However, Barcelona’s TEA remains below the average of the European Union where the activity rate of entrepreneurship also experienced a slight fall to stand at 7.6%.

Moreover, the quality and sustainability of entrepreneurship improved because in the Barcelona area entrepreneurship “to take advantage of a business opportunity” increased from 70% to 79% of the total, while entrepreneurship “out of need” fell from 29% to 20%. In Catalonia there has been an improvement in the business profile and aspirations of entrepreneurs, and in terms of the degree of innovation of the products, services and technologies used, in addition to an increase in the female entrepreneurial activity rate which is approaching the male rate.