Preventing failures in internationalisation due to values and relationship conflicts

Working with a different culture to your own can be challenging which is why the intercultural advisory service is an efficient resource that is becoming more widely used.

This tailor made service helps professionals from companies which export to review the cultural stereotypes and communication styles they are currently using with the cultures there are working with. With a view of understanding and correct if need be, these perceptions with practical advice.

Depending on each case needs, the following aspects might be focused on:
- Leadership and hierarchy in business. The manager role in the other culture
- Task or people oriented culture: the importance of personal relations in the other culture
- Risk and emotions management with the other culture
- Time and deadlines management with the other culture
- Most appropriate communication style with the other culture: direct or indirect communication, body language and oral communication
- Successful phone and virtual communication with the other culture
- Successful meetings and negotiations with the other culture

The experts that the Cambra is collaborating with are members of Sietar and Eura, and work in accordance with the Swedish quality certification.

Who is it aimed at?
business area
  • Commercial and Marqueting
  • Direction and Management
  • According quote
  • Més IVA
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