Membership and sponsorship

The major repercussions of Chamber activities compel companies and organisations to link their image and activities to those of the Corporation.

There are various ways in which businesses can reach agreements with the Chamber, in keeping with the aims of the parties.

Institutional partners

Any Catalan, Spanish or foreign company operating or with interests within the Chamber’s area of influence can become an institutional member of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

Institutional partners of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce are businesses that have the same vision as the corporation (namely, that civil society contributes to the country’s growth), or rather its mission: facilitate economic activity and business competitiveness.
Institutional partners make contributions related to their own proposals. Agreements with the Chamber help to boost and publicise the image of participating companies in the economic and business worlds. This means that becoming an institutional member can be a tool for your public relations and communication activities. It can also be an exercise in corporate social responsibility, transparency and good practices.


Barcelona Chamber of Commerce offers companies a varied range of sponsorship possibilities to respond to their brand positioning and direct marketing requirements for their customers.

Becoming a Chamber sponsor allows you to:

- Sponsor corporate events, services and assets
- Sponsor regular services for businesspeople and companies
- Sponsor ad hoc activities for companies