European recommendations to improve regional policies in support of cultural and creative industries for a more competitive economy

Cultural and creative industries (ICC) are highly innovative companies and represent one of the most dynamic sectors of Europe with a strong economic capacity and growth potential. Furthermore they are promoters of innovation in other industries where their abilities/services are increasingly used to create new products/services.

Through interregional policy learning, RCIA aims to improve the Structural Fund’s policy instruments related to the competitiveness of SMEs.

More specifically, the project supports creative SMEs in nine European countries with the aim to position ICCs as catalysts of innovation between sectors and thereby boost the economy and increase the attractiveness and innovative image of cities/regions/countries (attraction of talent and creation of jobs in the territory). Moreover, it seeks to promote cross-sectoral partnerships between creative SMEs and other companies at European level.

Contact person: Berta Pérez

Documentation about this project
Better policies for cultural and creative industries in Europe through interregional cooperation.
On how to support the growth and consolidation of SMEs by improving their access to advanced creative services.
Welcome to the first newsletter of Regional Creative Industries Alliance project.