Practice your English speaking skills in real-life negotiating situation

Are you constantly negotiating with suppliers, customers even with your business partners or colleagues?

In this workshop we will follow the effective Harvard approach to negotiating: key concepts and techniques will be discussed but first and foremost we will practice a lot with role plays in order to quickly apply the theory to your realworld situations.

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Objetivos y destinatarios
Upper & middle managers who are called on to negotiate at all times and in general anyone who is interested in improving his negotiation skills.
1. Basic concepts in negotiation

2. Strategies & tools for effective distributive negotiations

3. The four principles of distributive negotiations

4. The communication challenge: being calm in the middle of the storm

5. From bargaining over positions to focus on different interests

6. Invent options for mutual gain

7. Objective standards
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Duration: 15 hours

We'll speak only in English to use business vocabulary intensively.

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