Put into practice all the tricks and techniques in presentations

Do you know how to find winning arguments that help you to convince your audiences? Do you know how to structure presentations to establish a quick rapport and to clarify the key message that must be remembered by your audiences?

Influencing audiences in a variety of settings is a highly valued skill in Business. Our objective in this practical workshop will be improving our ability to persuade an audience through effective presentations.

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Objetivos y destinatarios
Upper & Middle Managers who are called to plan and successfully execute presentations in English in a variety of business settings.
1. Persuasive Management

2. Introduction to Rhetoric and the Science of Influence

3. Inventio: How to find winning ideas with persuasive power

4. Dispositio: How to construct a powerful presentation

5. Elocutio: How to use words to your advantage

6. Memoria: The importance of remembering your message

7. Actio: The moment of truth, confronting an audience
Información Técnica
Duración: 15 horas
We'll speak only in English to use business vocabulary intensively
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