A literal translation of your website won't be enough!

Digital business is global: Your website needs to be available in your mother tongue and also in English. However, a literal translation of your local contents won't do, won't be enough.

Anglosaxon businesses speak and sell differently, so you need to structure your digital content, visuals and prose differently to ensure you connect with international visitors.

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In general, anyone interested in adapting web content to international visitors.
1. Most common errors in Spanish/Catalan websites translated to English

2. Focus: Present your company and product offer with the twist that Anglosaxon clients expect

3. "Ready to use" marketing and commercial sentences that always work with Anglosaxon markets

4. 10 steps to make your website "Anglosaxon sexy"

5. Adapt your own local website: Put into practice what you just learnt!

6. Closure of the training
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Duration: 10 hours
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Te interesa The golden rules of the best international websites? Escríbenos y podremos atenderte

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