Put into practice all the tricks and techniques in presentations

Presenting with impact influence your cients, colleagues and boss


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Upper & Middle Managers who are called to plan and successfully execute presentations in English in a variety of business setting: Sales-pitches, Project follow-ups or Business Proposals. In general, anyone interested in improving his rhetorical abilities and the competence of influence others
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Influencing audiences in a variety of settings is a highly valued skill in Business. Our objective in this practical workshop will be improving our ability to persuade an audience through effective presentations.
At the end of this seminar:
Participants will know how to find winning arguments that help them convince their audiences
Participants will discover how to structure their presentation to establish a quick rapport and to clarify the key message that must be remembered by their audiences
Participants will discover the trends in Slide design
Participants will put into practice all the tricks and techniques in presentations that will be videotaped to give them personalised feedback.
We will create a safe environment in which participants will be able to practice their English Speaking Skills in real-life presentation situations.
1. Persuasive Management
1.1. The importance of Influencing Audiences in Business
1.2. Influence in Leadership, Sales and General Management

2. Introduction to Rhetoric and the Science of Influence
2.1. 5 steps to influence an audience
2.2. Taking advantage of audiences biases and heuristics

3. Inventio: How to find winning ideas with persuasive power
3.1. Channels to reach an audience: Logos - Pathos - Ethos
3.2. Sales arguments
3.3. How Steve Jobs convinced the world that a phone is not a phone
3.4. Kairós: the importance of opportunities

4. Dispositio: How to construct a powerful presentation
4.1. Beginnings: How to connect in 30 seconds
4.2. Endings: "Last but not least"
4.3. How to link your ideas to help your audience

5. Elocutio: How to use words to your advantage
5.1. Successful figures of speech 1: repeat your message!
5.2. Successful figures of speech 2: ask to connect with your audience
5.3. Make them laugh: the role of humour in rhetoric

6. Memoria: The importance of remembering your message
6.1. Is Powerpoint your best friend? Or your worst enemy?
6.2. What's a good slide?
6.3. Presentation trends: less words, more images

7. Actio: The moment of truth, confronting an audience
7.1. Presence: how to adopt a "power posture"
7.2. Dealing with presentation "nervousness"
7.3. The importance of tone and eye contact
In this workshop a safe space will be created in which participant will be able to use and practice their English speaking skills.
We will follow our experiential learning methodology:
Each concept & technique will be thoroughly explained
Then each concept & technique will be exemplified (with real cases & films)
Finally, participants will put everything into practice, they will learn by doing, namely in a series of Presentations.
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