Barcelona Chamber of Commerce is a public law non-profit organization ruled by democratically elected governing bodies in charge of general interest duties and business-oriented services. Its constituents are both self-employed persons and businesses of all kinds, provided that they run any economic activity registered within the Chamber’s constituency.

The supreme Chamber governance and representative body is the General Assembly, which is composed of 60 members, as follows: 40 members elect from those affiliated businesses and individuals; 6 proposed by the most representative cross sector and geographic area business organizations; and 14 representatives from the largest voluntary contributors to the Chamber.

Governing bodies

The Chamber’s governing bodies are the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the President.

- The General Assembly is the supreme governance and representative body.

- The Board of Directors is the permanent body of management, proposition and administration.

- The President is the person who officially represents the Chamber. He/she also acts as the chairperson of all Chamber governing bodies, and is responsible for the accomplishment of their decisions and agreements approved of.

The President is currently Ms. Mònica Roca, who came to office on March 8th 2021.

Advisory bodies

The Corporation’s advisory bodies are instruments to express the opinion of businesses.

They comprise consultant members, the advisory board, advisory committees and taskforces

Organisational structure

Managing Director: Xavier Carbonell

Secretary-General: Xavier Coronas