Barcelona Chamber of Commerce is a corporation with a democratic structure and operational approach.

Positions are elected by companies registered within the Chamber’s area of influence. They comprise 60 individuals or corporations with business interests, as well as a further nine individuals put forward by the most representative inter-sectoral and local business organisations.

Governing bodies

The Chamber’s governing bodies are the Plenary Council, Executive Committee and Chairperson.

- The Plenary Council is the highest governing and representational body.

- The Executive Committee is the Chamber’s permanent body of management, administration and recommendation.

- The Chairperson is the figure that represents the Chamber. This person also heads up the Executive Committee and all of the collegiate bodies, and is responsible for the implementation of their agreements.

The Chairperson of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce since 21 June 2002 has been Miquel Valls i Maseda.

Advisory bodies

The Corporation’s advisory bodies are instruments to express the opinion of businesses.

They comprise consultant members, the advisory board, advisory committees and taskforces

Organisational structure

Managing Director: Xavier Carbonell

Secretary-General: Xavier Coronas