Barcelona Chamber of Commerce is a corporation that helps businesses be more competitive by providing them services and defending their interests.

The traditional institutional services provided by the chambers of commerce for centuries currently takes the form of providing services directly to companies.  

Barcelona Chamber corporate video (in Catalan)

We foster responsible businesses

Barcelona Chamber of Commerce offers an extensive range of services that helps boost businesses.

Doing business is our motto. We provide services to businesses so they can prosper on the basis of responsible management.

We endeavour to offer quality, accessible services that help small and large businesses to be more efficient and sustainably win over new customers

We seek customers and sales from however far away as necessary

- We reach out to the world’s markets and support companies in going global.

- We canvas markets via trade missions.

- We help find providers, distributors, partners and customers abroad.

- We provide assistance with negotiating business agreements and help to to anticipate and mediate commercial disputes.

- We provide commercial certificates, customs’ reports, visas and official procedures

We train professionals

- We train business leaders and executives.

- We schedule continuing vocational training courses in our area and online courses in different areas of expertise.

- We design customised training programmes you can hold in your company or wherever you decide.

We take businesses digital

- We offer advice on safe solutions concerning connections, communication, storage and digital management, promoting operational and managerial efficiency.

- We support e-commerce, boosting commercial efficiency.  

We offer financial guidance and facilitate access to capital

- We provide information on financial products, recommending the ones best suited to the businesses who ask for our advice.

- We offer credit facilities.

- We attend to businesses eligible for aid through our European Projects Office.

We bolster trade and tourism

We strengthen the commercial fabric and foster quality tourism through specialised services.

We help entrepreneurs and enterprises

- We provide guidance to entrepreneurs, set up companies and help them to grow.

- We settle the legal, tax, financial, technological and commercial concerns of the companies that come to us for advice.

We rent spaces

We make our headquarters at Casa Llotja de Mar, our Diagonal building and our Delegations available to businesses interested in organising meetings, training sessions, product presentations and celebrations.

We create know-how and generate ideas

Our Economic and Infrastructures Studies Office acts as a permanent observatory on market fluctuations and publishes regular baseline studies on key socioeconomic questions. It also drafts action proposals on infrastructure matters.
We arrange press conferences and constantly provide reports through our digital channels. We create opinions and defend general business interests.

We organise events and create networks

We organise introductions between businesses, organisations and institutions from around the country with the goal of fostering mutual know-how, dialogue and exchange.
We maintain an active presence in prominent local, Spanish, European and international organisations. We are a key Mediterranean hub in the global network of chambers of commerce with 130 member countries.

We provide trust

We put our expert knowledge and contacts at your service.

We provide you with visibility and networks of influence.

Now closer to businesses than ever

We visit companies to learn first-hand what they need to improve their business management, first assessing and then adjusting our services to their needs.